All the paths always bring me to this exotic land.
Brazil is my passion!

Journey To BRAZIL

Exciting kitesurfing adventure to Caribbean and Brazil has evolved into the quest for deeper understanding of spirituality and healing.
Traveling around Brazil, learning a new language and culture, visiting  beautifull places and meeting amazing people.
Quest for deeper understanding of the role of Ayahuasca in traditional and modern communities and how could this millenary brew in form of Santo Daime positively influence Western society.

All the paths always bring me to this exotic land.

I have spend in Brazil most of time since 2009, when I first landed. See some photos from this trip. I have met many interesting people and have amazing adventures. I visited few states always traveling with my kitesurfing equipment and testing best spots for water sports and also hidden beaches. I danced forro, samba and zouk where I could. I was staying in luxury apartments and living in favela, even sleeping under the sky! Brazil is a very warm country and people there have open hearts.

Living in Dubai I have already known that I will be back to Brazil soon. Please, stay up to date and follow my blog and new journey to Brazil in 2016/2017. This time I will go deep into the forest and dig into the ancient wisdom of native people as well as the phenomenon of how the millennial traditions influence modern, post-colonization society.

Brazil is my passion! Follow me ...

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