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czwartek, 1 września 2016

Ceremonies Ayahuasca, Santo Daime, Shamanic - Ceara, Goianas, Brasilia

Inspired by books of Karol May red in a childhood and pushed by the will to explore our beautiful and abundant world I have travel through Caribbean to Brazil. Journey evolved into quest for deeper understanding of spirituality, healing and the role of Ayahuasca in traditional communities and how could this millenary brew in form of Santo Daime influence western society. 

Thank you and welcome to this very exciting full of surprises quest. Lets together build more conscious society.

Shamanic Rituals - Flecha da Mata in Canoa Quebrada, Ceara

Shamanic Ceremony with Chef of the Chefs - Aurelio

Sacred Madicines: Ayahuasca, Peyote e Tabaco

Sauna with hot stones

Fridge design

Santo Daime Ceremonies in Ceara State

Santo Daime is a young and exotic religious movement. Emerging in the Brazilian Amazon in the 1930s, Santo Daime has since spread to many of the world's major cities. Santo Daime contains indigenous, Catholic, Afro-Brazilian, esoteric, Spiritist, and new age beliefs and activities. 

Spiritual Leader of Santo Daime Church - Padrinho Alfredo 
with the image of Mastre Irineu - fundador.

Church Ceu do Ceara

Church Ceu da Flor do Cajueiro - Ceara

Production of Ayahuasca - Santo Daime brew

Feitio is the name of the sacred ritual of preparing the Santo Daime Sacrament

Men take care of Bannisteriosis caapi vine harvest and preparation

Woman take care of the preparation of leafs of Psychotria Viridis

Two plants are mixed together for hours and days of cooking

Silecnce and simplicity is required during preparation process

Ceremony during Feitio of  Santo Daime in Ceu da Flor do Cajueiro - Ceara


Conversation with Leader of Santo Daime Church Padrinho Alfredo in Ceu da Flor do Cajueiro - Ceara

Visit in capital of Brazil - Brasilia, meeting with Leadears of Huni Kuin 

Capital of Brazil - Brasilia

Huni Kuin Leaders during negotiations with Government in Capital of Brazil - Brasilia,
with Boris Petrovic - developer of Nicola Tesla projects

Tao Temple and Tao Initiation in Alto Paraiso Brazil

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