All the paths always bring me to this exotic land.
Brazil is my passion!

Sailing throught Caribbean Sea, Curacao Island and Christmas in Panama Canal

Sailing throught the Caribbean Sea

Cuba- Domincan Republic- Domnica- Martinique- Saint Lucia- Curacao- Panama Canal -> BRAZIL

1st World Ayahuasca Conference

Rio de Janeiro

Domincan Republic - Trip to Caribbean

Dominican Republic

Ceremonies and World Ayahuasca Conference

Ceremonies and World Ayahuasca Conference



środa, 7 września 2016

Formentera Island holiday and boat party with Ocean Beat

Formentera is one of the most beautiful places in Spain. Number 1 beaches and crystalline clear water.

First time i have visit island with friends and stay on land the second with Ocean Beat team on motor boat. Two different sides of this special place.


 Private boat party around Formentera i Es Vedra with Ocean Beat team

Magic Rock - Es Vedra - magnetic point of the Earth

wtorek, 6 września 2016

Ibiza photography Kamil Keenan Slomkowski

 Photography: Kamil Keenan Slomkowski

poniedziałek, 5 września 2016

Ibiza-Feel, natural beauty and spiritual side of Island

This time I am discovering the True Ibiza, visiting many places, that I didn't know they can exist. Here is true Paradise!

With a friend pro movie maker - Kamil we make a promotional movie about Ibiza for the project that is going to be launched next year: Ibiza-Feel.

I hope you enjoy video and pictures. Here are more pictures of Kamil:

I want to show you here different aspects of Ibiza. Starting from luxury lifestyle through traditional side and local people and of course the Hippy Ibiza!

Traditional Ibiza clothes and fiesta Ibizenca - Vara de Rei Eivissa

Marina Magna - Ibiza

Figueretas view - Ibiza

Ibiza Amante - perfect place for Weddings 

North of Island - Portinax

Near Destino Resort

Traditional Finca 

Traditional handicrafts 

Retired famous DJ Lipi from Holland - resident of Ibiza

Hippy Ibiza - Classic!

Hippy Ibiza - sacred fruit gardens 

Dubai City UAE visit

Why is Dubai under Ibiza trips? I am living in Ibiza and Brazil since 2009 following the Summer. This was exceptional 8 months of "Dubai experience" - more then anything because I missed my sister living there for few years already. Of course I was also working in the city build on the desert in only 30 years!

Old Dubai Creek 1951

Dubai 3d print

Engel Voelkers Dubai Team


Police cars in Dubai

Dubai Cashflow Club

Scientifique Cafe