All the paths always bring me to this exotic land.
Brazil is my passion!

Sailing throught Caribbean Sea, Curacao Island and Christmas in Panama Canal

Sailing throught the Caribbean Sea

Cuba- Domincan Republic- Domnica- Martinique- Saint Lucia- Curacao- Panama Canal -> BRAZIL

1st World Ayahuasca Conference

Rio de Janeiro

Domincan Republic - Trip to Caribbean

Dominican Republic

Ceremonies and World Ayahuasca Conference

Ceremonies and World Ayahuasca Conference



wtorek, 18 września 2018

Fabricação Artesanal do Açaí no Acre

How to harvest and prepare Acai drink?

Açaí can be used in addition to beverage production, also for the production of handicrafts - "bio-jewels".

Como colher e preparar a bebida Açaí?

O açaí pode ser utilizado, além de produção de bebidas, também para a produção de artesanato - biojoias.

poniedziałek, 27 sierpnia 2018

Where I will build this? Challenge for 2019-2020

czwartek, 12 kwietnia 2018

Croa River - Acre State Brazilian Amazon Forest

Indigenous name: Iapuna - Vitoria Regia is a treasure of this Amazonian river. Photo studio

poniedziałek, 9 kwietnia 2018

Lumiar,Nova Friburgo- Baixinha MaiDagua, Flor da Montanha

Community of "Baixinha" a Santo Daime spiritual leader of community near Nova Friburgo, Lumiar - Mai D'agua
Baixinha passed away in 2004 in the last picture its her grave with unfolding flower.

Private waterfall:

Hicking in nice mountains and "Mata Atlantica" - Rio de Janeiro vegetation name

A privare waterfall - to have a walk or swimm talk with the owner!

Bamboo of this size! I couldn believe it!

środa, 7 września 2016

Formentera Island holiday and boat party with Ocean Beat

Formentera is one of the most beautiful places in Spain. Number 1 beaches and crystalline clear water.

First time i have visit island with friends and stay on land the second with Ocean Beat team on motor boat. Two different sides of this special place.


 Private boat party around Formentera i Es Vedra with Ocean Beat team

Magic Rock - Es Vedra - magnetic point of the Earth